Come together.
Cut out the middleman.
Customize your own deal.

Trafeze is a monetization service that matches your solopreneur business with others. Develop more lucrative deals than buying or selling ads or links with large networks.

Trafeze connects 2 types of solopreneurs.
Which best describes your business?...

"I Have Traffic"

I have a website with high traffic and/or a large social media audience/email list. I overly rely on lower paying, passive income models such as AdSense & affiliate programs. I should be monetizing my niche-focused reach better.

I am a Traffic Seller.
I want to deal with Traffic Buyers (aka "Product or Service Sellers") who want to increase sales.

"I Want Sales"

I sell products or services, want to sell more! I need smarter ways to reach my target market. More effective methods with higher ROI than ads, ads and more ads. No time for complexity, must be quick and easy to implement.

I am a Traffic Buyer.
I want to work with Traffic Sellers to reach their high volume, targeted search/social/email audience.

Trafeze Connects You.

NOT An Ad Network...

You make your own higher-ROI deals. Choose who, what, when, and how you want to do business. Connect with those who are the best fit for you, folks who...

  • are in your niche (relevant connections)
  • have what you need (few solopreneurs have the time to master both traffic and product)
  • want to do business (deal-makers only, no "cold call" turndowns).


A Typical Trafeze Example

Patty from joined Trafeze as a Traffic Seller. She reaches thousands of engaged vegans every day through search and social. She relies on passive click ads for income, and wants to increase revenue with products that will appeal to her visitors.

Matt represents a new line of juicers made in the USA. He joins Trafeze as a Traffic Buyer, looking for businesses that have the right reach for his product.

What does Trafeze do?...

  • verifies high traffic (Traffic Sellers) and legit vendors (Traffic Buyers)
  • provides the tools to quickly find and contact each other
  • takes them step by step through a process that leads to a private, WIN-WIN deal (more on this later)
  • saves both Traffic Buyers and Sellers oodles of time
  • eliminates the middle man, delivering all this for free!


Trafeze Pulls Solopreneurs Together
To Help You Maximize Income.

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What The SoloprenExperts Are Saying...

Kim Garst

"Wow, what a clever idea! is unique in that it solves a core problem every solopreneur struggles with: monetization!"

Kim Garst (
Digital and social media marketing strategist & Forbes Top 10 Women Social Media Influencer.

Anna Hoffman

"I've just signed up for Trafeze - looks like a great opportunity for future passive income!"

Anna Hoffman
World-class blogger ( who is an expert on generating traffic and making the most of it.

Ben Fisher

"Trafeze looks like a great solution. Get leads and partnerships that matter! No charge to the publisher or advertiser. How cool is that?"

Ben Fisher
Accomplished serial entrepreneur, marketer, and the founder of

OK, now you know the Trafeze big picture. The rest is details.

What's that, you like details? 6135373587

Join the World of
Sophisticated Monetizers

Are you a Traffic Seller? If so, you probably monetize your audience with ads (ex., Google's AdSense) or affiliate programs (ex., Amazon, CJ, ClickBank, eBay).

Traffic Buyers (aka "Product/Service Sellers") work the flip side, buying relevant ads from the same "BigCo's." These dominant companies provide the platform and act as middleman in return for a cut of the income (30+%).

The "BigCo approach" to monetization is popular despite the lowish returns and loss of control because it's so quick to deploy and generate income. Inertia locks you in, though, after that.

Only a small percentage of solopreneurs figure it out.
Get Idea

Everyone agrees to "adhesion agreements" without reading them. These "take-it or-leave-it" Terms of Service leave you with no control over your monetization!

That's a serious blow to the equity in your business (i.e., its value).

Sophisticated solopreneurs seek to maximize core concepts such as...

  • Equity: They know they may sell their business one day. The concept of equity is as important as income to them.
  • Income: Smart "solo's" figure out that they can generate more revenue by cutting out those BigCo middlemen with the bad rules. Then create their own high-paying deals by dealing directly with other quality solopreneurs.
  • Technology: Dealing direct is a time-consuming and tedious process. Serious solopreneurs develop custom tools to speed up results. Trafeze gives you the tools and step-by-step to "get to deal" clean-and-quick.
Trafeze gets it done for you.

"Direct-dealing" has been limited in the past to those few with 1) a high level of specialized knowledge, 2) the determination to do the work; 3) the tech smarts to create their own tools and 4) the street smarts to avoid the hustlers.

Now let Trafeze do that for you...

  • cuts "time-to-implement" by 90+%
  • enables even those who know nothing about "real" business to execute, AND
  • vets all members - no BS, no scams
  • does it all while getting "OUT of the way" - no loss of control/privacy.

Fifteen words summarize the results...

Stable and greater income.
Full control of your business.
Feel grrrrrreat about your self-reliance.

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Need more info about Trafeze? Let's cover what you'll get out of Trafeze in a bit more detail...

Increase Your Business Income

As simple as a 2-piece jigsaw puzzle.
How Trafeze Works

Direct deals earn more income than AdSense or affiliate ads, and not just because you keep the "BigCo middleman cut" of 30+%. Liberated from platforms that restrict you to tight little format, Trafeze leads to the types of deals that pay better than “just ads”!

A collaborative process enables you to quickly “get to deal” - fast! And it’s all free - no yearly fee, no commissions. Keep what you make.

Result: Solopreneurs do better when they deal 1-on-1 with each other. Monetize through a free network that is “of, by and for” solopreneurs.

Income Diversification = Income Growth & Stability.

Income: Instead or relying on ads (passive), more active approaches (ex., lead generation, Hello Bars, social media, email marketing, sponsorships) drive more sales. Traffic Sellers earn more per visitor, while Traffic Buyers generate higher ROI's.

Stability: Expand the number and variety of monetization models and partners. Using more types of income models and having several different partners makes your business income more stable. You do not depend on any single technique or partner to do well. The failure of any one has much less impact.

Diversification not only increases total income, it improves revenue stability.

Regain Control

Google's bossiness ("don't do this with your site, do that by X deadline, etc") usurps your control of your own site. They claim that it's for everyone's best outcome...

Some solopreneurs are sensitive about showing ugly ads that are not relevant to their niche.

You probably don't know that you can opt-out of showing "personalized ads." You likely don't know why you might want to do that. Here's why...

Think of how many ugly, irrelevant ads that YOU have seen. Do you think the site owner knows about it?

We could spend pages on this topic. Suffice it to recall 2 past events that illustrate the dangers of losing control of your business...

  • Google tried to add "back to Google" links to every AdSense ad, for which you did not get paid. The immediate uproar over this outrage ended that effort.
  • Amazon "fires" all affiliates in any state that passes a law that declares Amazon to be taxable there because it has affiliates. We are vulnerable to the actions of bigger players and other factors.

Bottom line? BigCo's consider us to be disposable and vulnerable, not "partners." Use them if they temporarily fit into your monetization plan. But don't depend upon them.

The Trafeze Process

WIN-LOSE deals only endure when i) one party is near-infinitely larger than the other and ii) both parties believe itself that the larger one is critically important to the other.

That is not the type of relationship that we solopreneurs have with each other. So we don't show you how to negotiate hard in order to "beat" the other party. The reason is simple...

WIN-LOSE arrangements do not last, cost time, and end in arguments. The goal is to get to WIN-WIN deals, cleanly and fairly, fast and friendly.

You will build a fine reputation and will have more time to keep growing new profitable relationships.

Bottom line: Leave a few dollars on the table. If it's a point of pride to scrape in every last coin, your pockets may end up full of coins - instead of dollars.

In the solopreneur world of direct-dealing, reputations (good and bad) will spread fast.

Total Privacy

We set up Trafeze such that we couldn't pry into your business even if we wanted to (and we don't).

The only way we could have any idea whether a deal you make yields $1, $1,000 or $1,000,000 is if you happen to mention it to others in the Trafeze Forums!

Security of Legitimate Users

Trafeze's user-generated, Five-Star Rating System ***** is similar to eBay's or Uber's.

Better, actually, because its "double-anonymous" process eliminates the "payback effect" of giving a deserved bad rating (i.e., you'll never get a bad rating just for rating someone else poorly).

This screening "vets our vetting," further assuring that those who are listed are top quality and can be trusted.

Bottom line? Big benefits. Zero risk (Trafeze is free!)...

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Want to know still more?


You could just trust us. After all, Trafeze costs nothing.

Heck, write us a nasty letter if we don't wow you at launch. No?...

OK, OK, "more infoooooooo" coming right up. transbaikalian

How Does It Work?

How does Trafeze deliver "the holy grail of solopreneurs"?

Traffic Sellers: Trafeze’s proprietary algorithm pre-screens for solopreneurs who have high traffic, and/or a strong social presence, and/or a large email reach in a particular niche ("Traffic Sellers").

Traffic Buyers: Meanwhile, "Product/Service Sellers" must be bona fide sellers (ex., free of scam reports) of legitimate services or products (ideally proprietary or branded). Most sellers are already "buying traffic" (ex., ads).

The result is a happy inevitability. Both groups are pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of well-matched, high-quality partners, each enabling the other to monetize better than ever before...

  1. Trafeze's vetting system assures you deal with quality solopreneurs
  2. The matching system connects targeted traffic with the right products and services. Those with traffic can reach out to sellers of appropriate goods. And vice-versa.
  3. Our double-anonymous Five-Star Ratings ***** assure that you deal with top-notch solopreneurs.
Four Simple Steps to Increased Income

1) Trafeze makes the introductions.

2) We provide step-by-step process and help for every possible type of promotion/monetization. Both parties receive identical online help and strategies.

3) We step back and leave you to follow the steps to agreement. Simple, personal, and effective, you monetize your business better+++.

4) You arrive at fair WIN-WIN agreements quickly (the best deals don't have to be complicated).

IMPORTANT: Why are higher-paying Trafeze monetization models (i.e., better than ads and affiliate programs) NOT offered by the huge Networks?" They can't cover the variability and track you in a way that scales for them. The Trafeze platform, though does not track you - so make whatever deal you like!

What's that? You want a more detailed demonstration of how Trafeze works, exactly?

Sure thing, no problem... Here's a step-by-step walkthrough.

OK, that's about it. There's nothing more to add. threepenny or contact Support if you have an unanswered question.

Wrapping Up

Earn more.
Be the only "boss of you."
You are not subject to the rules of others.
That makes you 100% owner of a business with REAL equity


It's Free

"There's Gotta Be A Catch?"

We can't 100%-promise that Trafeze will deliver everything we claim. That said, we can't see why it wouldn't.

How serious are we about this?

We decided to make Trafeze free (rather than charge for access like eBay). That puts all the risk on us.

That's serious. With your support, we can revolutionize how solopreneurs monetize.

That brings us to THE "core concept" of Trafeze (although some might call it a "catch"...

"We're All In This Together"

When we all work together and when the interests of all of us align, we become greater than the sum of our parts. That's why we do not charge solopreneurs to use our platform...

Models such as eBay and Etsy have proven that solopreneurs will pay to use a platform that monetizes. But we built Trafeze to be much more than a "landlord."

See this FAQ for how Trafeze will monetize and when.

Aligned interests result in wealth creation, not wealth transfer from one party to the disadvantage of another. Everyone wins. WIN-WIN-WIN is everything.

We all need each other's help...

  • Individual solopreneurs need fast, diverse and secure access to the best of each other.
  • Trafeze needs to reach a "Critical Mass" of 5,000 Traffic Sellers to launch.
  • "Critical Mass" provides sufficient diversity of niches to satisfy searches by monetizers.

That's why you should join now and not "wait to see.".

If everyone "waits to see" if Trafeze reaches 5,000, well... it won't. Apply right now.

Reaching critical mass blasts us off into what is called "network effect" growth. Not familiar with this exponential growth pattern? See this FAQ.

Critical mass is the starting point. At that point, the future burns bright for everyone! Our interests are forever aligned as Trafeze grows solopreneur businesses and as they, in turn, grow Trafeze.

There's "no catch" to Trafeze. This revolution will change solopreneur monetization. All revolutions start with the identical commitment...

"We're All In This Together"...
Join the Revolution

Grow the Network.
Launch at 5,000!

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