Software for Microservice and Docker Infrastructure

Nulladmin develops and sells microservice software. We deliver standardized microservices which can be used to quickly plug into your back end infrastructure. Save money by using these components and free your developers to work on your core value proposition.

We also provide consulting and custom development services. We specialize in developing modern, performant microservices running in container or virtual machine environments. Our solutions are ready to deploy on premises, or in the cloud with all of the major providers: Google, Amazon, Azure, Pivotal.

About Our Microservices

Standard API

All servers share a single consistent core API. full TLS support, HTTP/2 transport, consistent error handling, per-request metadata, standard server statistics.

Standard containers

Designed to work with Docker. Small container size, flexible configuration options, minimal or no dependencies, meaningful container tags, standardized logging.

Ready for Scalability

Special features for high scalabiilty including per-request tracing, tagged logging, log and statistics sampling, rate limiting and backoff, built-in timing metrics, Prometheus integration.

Cloud Compatible

Run on all major cloud providers, such as Amazon EC2 Container Service, Google Container Engine, Azure Container Service, Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Many Categories

Microservers available in a wide selection of categories, including IT Infrastructure, Business Logic, Financial Tools, Scientific Applications, and more.

Custom Development

Development of custom features to tailor microservers for your specific needs

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